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We are always interested in partnering with companies, to perform qualified service, maintenance and construction work in Florida.
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CDA Solutions, Inc.
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CBC 1254828

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7622 Emerald Dr unit 5
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2070 North Forsyth Rd
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Service Areas
We perform contracts globally but we specialize in Florida and the Caribbean Islands. Our local service areas include; Port St. Lucie, Ft. Pierce, Vero Beach, Palm Bay, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Orlando, Most of Central Florida.

We accept all forms of credit cards, checks, cash, and contract deposits.

CDA Solutions, Inc. Corporate office

CDA Solutions Mission Statement

CDA Solutions mission is to provide value based solutions for all our customers. Our goal is to give our customers a better value, over the life of the product, than our competitors.

We are interested in providing better quality workmanship and giving our customers the right information, to choose the best value products first.

Many times we will fore go doing projects, that are tied to the cheapest product. In most cases the cheapest product, is the most expensive to maintain and will need replacement quicker (doubling the labor expense).

Our reputation is our biggest asset and the wasted man hours (office and field) clearing up warranty issues, makes these ‘cheap jobs’ financially unacceptable, to our company. We pride ourselves in keeping the most intelligent customer and like to thank them for using us over and over.

We find that our customers are more willing to pay the small premium that good materials, building practice and less change orders, in the final billing. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the advice they need, to make an informed decision.

For customer testimonials please visit our customer page.

Company Positions

You will find the information related to the corporation like what are our new marketing products and services provided. You will find new news about the internal workings of our leadership and new hires, will be listed here.

Company Culture

This is where you may see a corporate overview and understand more about the company philosophy and how decisions are made within our company. Our company culture is based on great customer service and our prices usually reflect this.

Competitive Pricing

We have found that when giving great service, we are still able to reduce overall prices, for the companies we do business with. When comparing prices we ask for our customers to compare the life of the product, including the upkeep, to determine the true costs. We strive for ‘No change order’ pricing, sure there are always hidden issues that arise but we do our best to uncover them before the job begins. We find our customers gravitate to a ‘no surprise approach’.

Quality Parts and Products

We do this by using products that are high quality and give a longer life span. This creates less service and maintenance, which is the most expensive piece of the puzzle.When using cheap imported parts that are look alike you generally find the price is reflected in the quality. I have a saying a saying  “The joy of a low price where’s off, as quick as the item you purchased breaks.We constantly balance the quality of products before we include them in our product line.

Quality Manufacturers

This extends also to products that switch the facility, where they are manufactured or when they restructure their customer service department. We find sometimes when a manufacturer switches call centers they are no longer able to provide the quality of technical support that may be appropriate for their products.

The Best Customers

Keeping competitive pricing also prohibits us from doing business with high maintenance customers, who do not want to pay for the additional services they require. We use the 80/20 rule to keep our priorities straight. All companies balance their time with their customers, against how many hours charged to them. We can’t raise our prices to good customers for the excess time another requires.

Great Affiliations

We will not recommend a company or product we would not use ourselves. All the companies we do business with locally or even remotely are of the same company culture as we are, and it makes doing business easy, and sometimes even fun…yes I said it FUN.

Customer and Vendor Relations

We do not believe that work has to be a bad word. We want you to miss us, friend us on face book, watch our videos on YouTube and subscribe to our newsletters. We produce many public relations materials and would love to be remembered by our customers.

Gerald Hiebert President/CEO

CDA Solutions West Melbourne Florida
Forsyth Business Center
Vero Beach Area
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