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Security Offerings for Business

A quality security company can offer you a lot more than alarms and door access. In fact, they can bring to your business things you may not have even considered. Virtually dozens of different types of services can come to you and help protect your business from intrusion or theft if you seek out a full featured security company to help you to secure your business or corporation.

Just a few of the things that your security company can offer you when it comes time to address security issues may be:

Wireless Door and Window Contact –an intelligent security system means that your doors and windows will be fully secure. To achieve this, the building will need to have all of the entry points taken care of. That includes all doors and all windows,as well as even skylight areas. If one of these entry points is accessed an alarm will sound that will alert you, your watchman, or some other agency to the fact that you’re in need of assistance.

Voice Command Center— When any alarm goes off in your business, typically the security company that you have monitoring your  security will route that phone call or signal to the local law enforcement. One very welcome change for the businesses and corporations today is the ability to have osmeone answer the signal and to respond to that signal by alerting everyone personally. This helps to lower the incidence of false alarms, but also go get the right emergency services en route to your place of business if there is a need for them.

Access Control-The business customer of today wants a console that they can view not just to find out if there has been an intrusion, but also to help them to have more control over the access to their buildin or business. An access panel will assist the business owner to be more in control of their own security and to be able to assist with that security if the need arises.

Full Building Security-The vast majority of businesses are one building but may house several differnet parts of the building. As a rule, business owners today like the convenience and the security of being able to wire whole buildings with security, and to  offer extra protection for those areas which are more sensitive by adding a secondary system which may include an access control as well as alarms. In many cases, security cameras are also installed to provide for remote monitoring of the building or the portions that are more secure.

Business Card Access Systems-Rather than a simple key lock area that may offer the opportunity to copy a key, many new businesses today are offering their employees the comfort and convenience of a card access. Once an employee separates from the company their access card is voided and the need for lock changes and system changes is negated.

CCTV-Those businesses who are more or less concerned with theft by insiders or who find it difficult to secure inventory against lost may find that CCTV with high definition television will be one of the most outstanding ways to secure the inside aspects of the building as well as parking areas and other outdoor aspects.

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